The company today.
IM.VA. was founded in 1973 by Imes Tinti and his son Vanni, the latter being the current President of the company. Since then, the small metal carpenter’s workshop has grown into a ultra-modern industrial company specializing in the production of technical doors. Insulated door production began in 1999 as the brainchild of Vanni Tinti, ushering in mass production. Today, IM.VA. supplies a full range of technical doors, both for industrial and residential use, in a great variety of forms and solutions. Over the years IM.VA. has consistently sought out new challenges and opportunities, becoming an essential player in public and private tenders and positioning itself as industry leader, both in Italy and abroad, by way of its creativity, social awareness and manufacturing capacity.

IM.VA. quality comes from the passion it invests, the high quality control standards it has developed from experience and the refined installation and maintenance services it offers.  IM.VA.’s use of the most advanced technologies, the highest quality of materials and the strictest quality controls extended over the whole value chain is indisputably and globally acknowledged, generating intense customer satisfaction and loyalty.
IM.VA. provides global solutions for industrial and residential doors, resolutely putting the customer first.
The acute expertise of its own personnel and of long-standing consultants is one of the driving factors that make IM.VA. a leader at home and abroad, wherever custom solutions are needed. IM.VA.’s consistent quality control of raw materials, fine attention to detail, cutting-edge production facilities, expertly skilled labour and constant pursuit of ever greater quality all guarantee the highest of standards in full compliance with national and international regulations.
Tradition and innovation.
Mario Tinti, born in 1877, Renzo Tinti, in 1900, and Imes Tinti, in 1924, are the artisans who converted the great family tradition of metalworking to the foundation of IM.VA. in 1973. Straight after graduating from Technical and Industrial School, Vanni Tinti, the current president of the company, dedicated himself to the family business alongside his father. As the brainchild of Vanni in 1999, IM.VA. began mass production of industrial doors. Today, IM.VA. offers a fully comprehensive range of technical doors for industrial and residential use.
Different by choice, the best by vocation.
IM.VA. draws on an experience of over forty years in the industry, growing hand in hand with the evolution of technology. The production of large volumes has never detracted from IM.VA.’s capacity to deliver the custom solutions and innovative designs that sector-specialists desperately want. The extensive use of cutting-edge and exclusive patented technology is the company’s business card and quality guarantee. With such robust roots, IM.VA. is the ideal partner for every client, designer or builder seeking solutions that combine on-point functionality and aesthetics. What’s more, IM.VA. offers maintenance and support for its products over their entire life cycles.