The Superthermic and Magnus families of IMVA’s Hangar Doors consist of different models of electrically operated doors with side opening. Every door is specifically designed for the context in which will be used, according the individual customer needs and the hangar’s design. The family name discloses the nature of the door system.

• SUPERTHERMIC / LIBRUM - Insulated Side Folding Door
• SUPERTHERMIC / FLUX - Insulated Side Sliding Door with rigid assembly of panels
• SUPERTHERMIC / CORNER FLUX - Insulated Side Sliding Door with flexible assembly of panels 
• MAGNUS / FOLDY - Side Folding Aluminum Door
• MAGNUS / CORNER - Side Sliding Aluminum Door with flexible assembly of panels
• MAGNUS / SLIDY - Bottom-rolling Steel Door Go to product LIBRUM Go to product FOLDY Go to product CORNER Go to product FLUX Go to product SLIDY
Doors for waste and recycling industry.
The facilities that process and recycle the waste, require the installation of doors able to withstand intense workloads and, while operating in dirty and high aggressive environments, must ensure a continuous and reliable operation. IM.VA. has developed specific know-how in the manufacturing of high-speed doors that meet the needs of customers who work in this area of business (e.g. Waste Incineration Plants, Waste Collection Centers). Go to product RECYCLING
Custom made solutions
In our products you will find the best solution that you needs: Folding door, rolling door, sliding door, self-reparing door and solutions for food industry and recycling industry.
The energy-saving industrial door solution.
ISOMAX provides a unique industrial door with a higher thermal insulation value, unchanged technical specification and unbelievable robustness.The new structure of panels with thermal break cut technology allows to upgrade all type of Superthermic industrial doors with great thermal insulation characteristic (durability and wind load resistance). Go to product ISOMAX
Doors for food industry.
Food industries and Supermarkets are environments with high hygienic standards and require doors easy to clean.IM.VA. high-speed doors for this market sector are designed to internal applications, where the environments are exposed to moisture and corrosion. Go to product FOOD