Industrial technical doors: insulated doors and high-speed doors

Industrial doors must meet specific requirements linked to structural logic, insulation, but also to requirements for rapid opening/closing and durability. 

Opening and closing large industrial doors many times during the daily work cycle requires a reliable, rapid and functional automatic passage to reduce downtime as much as possible and safe for people and vehicles that must go through it, regardless of its size, whether it is used outside or to divide and isolate internal departments.

Insulated folding, vertical folding or sliding doors and high-speed doors from IMVA Industrial Doors represent the most technical and performing available on the market because they are the result of decades of experience and exclusive patents that concern particular, technical measures applied to mechanisms and structures for operation.

Another important and not insignificant factor is the study dedicated to the containment of the overall dimensions, both with regard to the load-bearing structures and for the storage. The range of IMVA technical doors collects models that can adapt even to the most critical conditions.


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