Our LIBER folding door without lower guide has passed the anti-intrusion tests required by the Standards.

After the appropriate evaluations and tests of resistance under static and dynamic load and to the manual burglary action to which our LIBER model door has been subjected, the result certified an RC3 Class of resistance.  

The tests, as required by the relevant standards, concerned:

•    resistance under static load
•    resistance under dynamic load
•    resistance to manual burglary

Liber certificato in classe 3

The resistance to static load affected the main points F3 highlighted in the figure



The resistance under dynamic load at the points highlighted in the figure



The external connection zones to verify the resistance to manual burglary action concerned:

•    the vertical stop between the doors
•    the lower central closing point
•    the closing point of the secondary doors
•    the door panel

The final result is the RC3 burglar classification for our Superthermic LIBER model doors.


Here are some sequences of the tests the door has been subjected to by specialist operators.

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